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Depilation by laser

How do we obtain smoother skin?

A new development in medical laser technology allows us a more gentle, safer and faster solution to remove embarrasing pilosity. It is the TKSTM system which exists only on this type of laser.

Nowadays, we are able to offer our patients comfortable and effective treatment conditions to get rid of the undesirable hairs.

Laser technology solves the problem of undesirable pilosity and makes your skin smoother. Usually, only three to four sessions are necessary to eliminate these undesirable hairs (legs, arm, back, shoulders, armpits, upper lip).

Lasers used by Plat-Form laser with the TKSTM system have helped thousands of people, men and women, around the world.

This laser treatment (with TKSTM) is a method of depilation that has been scrupulously tested and clinically developed. The treatment is carried out quickly whilst awkward pilosity is removed without affecting the surrounding skin.

For men and the women who want to discover the beauty and assurance of visibly beautiful skin, here lies finally the opportunity of appearing as who you have always wished to be.

How does the laser work?

The laser emits a ray of light which reaches the root through the skin. Its energy is transformed into heat, which destroys the root of the hair.

The scientific principle of ThermoKinetic Selectivity (TKSTM) ensures the particular effectiveness of this depilation method.

Why is the TKSTM system so important?

The TKS TM principle enables the energy of the laser to aim only at the hair bulbs to be destroyed and thus protect the surrounding skin from possible damage. Thus, we really obtain the desired cosmetic and clinical results.

Am I likely to resort to depilation by laser?

If certain hairs embarrass you or if you have excessive pilosity, you are most probably an ideal candidate for depilation by laser. Practically all patients are suited to laser depilation using Plat-Form Laser. However, the best results are observed for fair-skinned patients with dark hairs. However,the TKSTM method also allows daker-skinned patients to draw the greatest advantage from this treatment.

Other factors can possibly have an impact on the treatment and will be evaluated during the first consultation.

Is it a painful treatment?

Most patients describe the treatment as a feeling of light tingling but do not have recourse to any anaesthesia during the treatment. After a treatment of approximately 30 minutes, the treated zone may turn to pink or red. This reddening can persist for approximately a day.

How many treatment sessions are required before obtaining the desired results?

A hair grows in a cyclic way. The laser affects the hair only at the beginning of the growth phase. Only active hair bulbs can be destroyed by the laser, those in "resting" phase being unaffected. Therefore, repeated sessions make it possible to treat those roots that have entered their growth phase. In that way, all follicles are destroyed at the end of the treatment.

Where can I find a treating doctor?

To start with, try to get your usual doctor to inform you about this treatment. If he does not suggest any laser treatment for you, but recommends it, call Plat-Form Laser on the (230) 601 4200 to obtain the list of the treating doctors who are close to your residence.

Treatment of face and leg varicosis

How does this work?

A sifted laser beam delivers a certain quantity of light energy that is absorbed by the red, blue and purple vessels.

The laser then photo-coagulates haemoglobin in a selective manner while protecting adjacent zones (skin,..).

After treatment, the vessels naturally disappear after a period of 1 to 4 months.

How many treatment sessions are required?

The veins disappear after 1 to 4 months. A period of inflammation of the vessels is visible before the final result. Typically, there should be from one to three sessions.

Is the treatment complicated?

Treatment takes from 10 to 20 minutes depending on the patient. After the session, one can take again one's normal activities.

Is it painful?

A momentary discomfort is to be noted with laser treatment. Most patients have a feeling of having been "slapped" on the skin. We reduce that feeling of pain by applying a very powerful cooling system.